About Us

Quortus is a pioneering UK company that is changing the mobile communications world by using the best IT principles to create cutting-edge private 4G and now 5G network solutions that are easy to deploy, manage and scale.

Quortus is a privately-owned company based in Camberley UK selling products and services to cellular communications service providers worldwide.

The company has created a software defined core network technology platform and an award-winning suite of products based on 3GPP 4G, 3G and 2G. Quortus is now taking a lead with emerging technologies such as Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC), Private 5G and cellular core network virtualisation.

Quortus has gained considerable experience and know-how through its success in supplying over 2000 core network solutions into its target market sectors over the past decade.

Those sectors include Industry, Enterprise and Government and encompass the many verticals therein.

Having secured commercial successes in its target territories of North America, EMEA and Japan with a significant number of major players, Quortus is exceptionally well positioned to be a leading solution supplier into the emerging high-growth market sectors of Private 4G and 5G cellular and Edge computing.

Its products enable agile mobile communications networks that provide a foundation for innovative services tailored to a diverse range of end customers.

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