Private LTE deployment across a large industrial plant with indoor and outdoor coverage

End Customer



To provide communications across a multi-building site including some potentially hazardous areas, where a lone worker solution would be required. Due to the environment devices need to be rugged and ideally IP rated, radios are required to be mounted both internally and externally to cover the necessary areas.


A Private LTE network was deployed utilising ECX Core on COTS Server hardware located in the customers server room. Wall and mast-mounted Small Cells provided the coverage and rugged devices (user equipment) provided access to services. ECX Core configured to provide data and VoLTE services.

Partner lone worker application installed monitor fall and “Man Down” events.

Why is ECX Core ideal for this?

ECX Core is easily set up and flexible configurations to best fit the customer scale requirements. highly reliable, easy to manage and monitor via events & counters, cost-effective, extensive radio compatibility, well-proven solution, regular enhancements.

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