Mobile Private Network for hospital staff and patient communications

End Customer

Healthcare Campus / Hospital


A Private LTE Network to provide site-wide coverage for staff communications along with patientcare devices that will provide in-room and in bed services for nurse communications and raising of distress alarms.

Alarm solution to be portable so that the patient can take the portable device with them when accessing communal and outdoor areas within the healthcare premises.


ECX Core provides 4G services deployed on COTS Server hardware in conjunction with partner radios delivering ubiquitous site coverage.

ECX Core works in tandem with 3rd party IP rated devices to provide the patient services. ECX Core’s counters and SNMP events report on service conditions ensuring that the required high level of service is maintained. Voice was provided via an over the top SIP client to the customers existing PBX, quality of service was maintained by ECX Core’s High Quality voice feature.

Why is ECX Core ideal for this?

ECX Core is easily set up and flexible configurations to best fit the customer scale requirements. highly reliable, easy to manage and monitor via events & counters, cost-effective, extensive radio compatibility, well-proven solution, regular enhancements.

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