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Rapid Response dedicated PSS / Blue Light Service communications

End Customer

PSS / Blue light communication service provider


A ready-to-go high quality P-LTE (4G) network with rapid deployment and ‘set-up anywhere’ capabilities to provide dedicated service to nominated emergency personnel only (closed user groups) in rapid response situations.

Deployable in any terrain using mobile vehicles with high levels of service in small cells via a cost effective and reliable solution.


ECX Pack forms the key element EPC in an In-vehicle ‘network on demand’ system to support frontline teams.

ECX Pack enables an exclusive list allowing only known users access to the network.

Satellite backhaul allows communications back to HQ.

Why is ECX Pack ideal for this?

Set-up in minutes, high reliability, Flexible configurations, easy to manage, cost-effective, extensive radio compatibility, well-proven solution, regular enhancements.

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