Blog   |   September 29 2021

A new path for enterprise: enabling digital ambitions with private networks

By Neil Dunham, Vice President of Sales, Quortus

Global enterprises today face a number of challenges, but one particular area of concern is connectivity. The limitations of current connectivity solutions – for the most part dominated by macro public network options – are impeding the majority of US and European enterprises. As enterprises contemplate the next stage of their digital transformation many are preoccupied with the questions surrounding what type of connectivity they’ll need: What is the best alternative solution to overcome the challenge of inadequate connectivity? Which network solutions will guarantee greater security, performance and control? Is it possible to build a specific connectivity solution that will fit our bespoke requirements now and in the future?

To understand just how impactful inadequate connectivity options are to global enterprise, we commissioned a survey of 260 IT decision makers within global enterprises. We wanted to uncover if public macro network options were impacting enterprises from an operational point of view, and what enterprise excitement was towards an alternative: private networks.

The findings, published in our latest whitepaper ‘Build, don’t buy: the road to private networks,’ revealed that for 63% of US and European enterprises, weak and unreliable connectivity is resulting in reduced efficiency and connectivity. The survey also found:

  • 91% enterprise respondents believe the limitations of their existing connectivity is squarely tied to the limitations of macro public networks
  • The major limitations of public networks frustrating enterprises include weak security, restricted network speeds and limited available network capacity limiting innovation
  • 97% of organizations are ready to invest more money to ensure better connectivity, and almost half (47%) would increase current budgets by 10% if it removed existing fears and limitations and helped drive operational efficiency
  • A fifth of enterprises do not believe the quality of their existing connectivity will support the achievement of their future digital ambitions

More than ever, enterprises are looking for alternative connectivity solutions that will effectively support their ambitions for growth and evolution. Our study clearly shows that strong and reliable connectivity is a key enabler to improved operational efficiency, enhanced service innovation and improved productivity. Benefits that are rarely afforded by public macro networks. As enterprises begin to recognise these limitations, many are turning to private networks. We uncovered:

  • How many global enterprises currently have their own private network
  • The preferred approach when it comes to private networks deployment—build vs buy from a public operator
  • The top perceived enterprise benefits of deploying private networks

As the needs of enterprises evolve, private networks hold the key to unlocking a truly bespoke connectivity solution that can guarantee the appropriate levels of performance, reliability, security and control for all global enterprises. Here at Quortus, we understand the intricate needs of each and everyone of our customers, regardless of size, sector or application. If enterprises are to continue innovating, they must have the right foundation in place—that starts with the right connectivity that meets their needs today and tomorrow.

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