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Whitepaper   |   September 29 2021

Build, don’t buy: the road to private networks

Global enterprises today are faced with unprecedented challenges from navigating the choppy waters of digital transformation, overcoming increasing financial, business, and socio economic pressures, to coping with increasing demands of flexible working practices and applications being consumed across multiple devices. At the root of it all is the need to continue to offer better quality services and solutions, regardless of the obstacles standing in the way.

In today’s digital world, connectivity is high on the agenda when it comes to aiding the creation of new revenue streams, boosting productivity and efficiency, and unlocking new and exciting opportunities. But the limitations of current connectivity services—largely dominated by macro public network options—are hampering the majority of US and European enterprises. This is pushing enterprises to consider alternatives, outside of macro public network solutions. That alternative lies in private networks.

To better understand enterprise attitudes towards existing connectivity services and their appetite towards alternative connectivity options, we surveyed 260 IT decision makers in the UK, US, Germany and France, working across a range of industries. Our whitepaper ‘Build, don’t buy: the road to private networks’ reveals the findings from our survey and explores:

  • The major limitations of public networks and their impact on enterprise operations
  • Enterprise willingness to invest more to ensure better connectivity
  • Enterprise confidence in existing connectivity services to support future digital ambitions
  • Enterprise excitement towards private network deployments and perceived benefits of these

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