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News   |   July 7 2020

Podcast: Don’t wait for 5G

Click on the link to hear our CEO Mark Bole give his view on why not to wait for 5G. “Move ahead today because the opportunity is there right now”

“Don’t wait for 5G.” That’s the big message in this podcast with Mark Bole, CEO of Quortus. As 5G advances as the new standard for mobility, it has occurred to many people in the channel partner community that 5G can potentially deliver a disruptive change to the entire way companies and organizations manage their internal communications of all kinds. That might be causing a big pause in the way channel partners are thinking about their long term and even intermediate futures. Bole outlines a significant opportunity available now in using Quortus products to develop private wireless networks to their customers, creating a needed service today that can migrate as 5G emerges. Bole talks at length about his offerings, some new developments and recent news of proactive investment in the company that will fuel the firm’s plan to grow its presence in the US and Canadian markets. The company has noted success in manufacturing, agriculture, among other verticals, notable since some of these industries have been looked over by the UC community. Bole urges action now, to make the most of 5G and avoid the company-killing “opportunity cost of time”.


Podcast: Don’t wait for 5G

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