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Blog   |   August 28 2020

Telecom Reseller podcast repurpose


In a recent podcast for Telecom Reseller, our CEO, Mark Bole sat down with Telecoms Reseller editor, Douglas Green, to discuss the opportunities companies stand to gain when deploying their own private networks. Here’s a snippet of what Mark discussed.

There is a lot of change happening the communications industry today, and we’re seeing many governments releasing spectrum specifically for private network use. The advantage of these private networks is that they enable a wide range of new use cases, all of which have the potential to generate significant cost savings, deliver greater efficiency gains and create new streams of revenue for enterprises. These new use cases will span many different industries and verticals—we’re talking industrial IoT, with automated and connected factories and machines, or smart healthcare with remote surgery and connected health devices, all the way to more specific use cases for government, military or defence operations requiring ultra-low latency and high capacity network requirements. The great thing about private networks is that they allow companies to have a dedicated network that can be optimised exactly how they want it—they can choose how it is configured and deployed; how it is secured; how and where data is stored.

We’re seeing a lot of companies debate whether or not its best to wait for 5G before deploying private networks. The reality is that it shouldn’t be a case of “either, or”—5G and LTE both bring their own benefits and are suitable for different use cases. In many instances, companies don’t necessarily need to wait for 5G to venture into private networks, and can instead use LTE as a “testing ground” for future private deployments.

Either way, whether it’s 5G private deployments companies opt for, or LTE deployments, for us here at Quortus, we recognise how important the opportunity standing in front of us is. That’s why we’re doing a lot of work right now to find the right channel partners who are already in the private networks space, or who have the right DNA to want to build private networks, so that we can partner with them and deliver the best solutions for the end-user.

In fact, forming strong partnerships is imperative for us at Quortus especially as we see more companies move from Proof of Concept projects and trials and towards large scale deployments of private networks. As the business and use cases for private networks come to light, more and more end-user organisations are taking the plunge and so we’ve not only doubled down on our partner programme, but we’ve also reshaped our product portfolio to suit the demands of these large scale deployments. This will enable our channel partners to take different packages and solutions easily and readily to their end-user customers and customise and adapt them in a way that suits their different commercial models.

We’re facing a truly exciting opportunity, with both 5G and LTE private network deployments, and we are looking forward to helping our partners deliver the best solutions for their end-users.

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