Smart classrooms and an exponentially increasing digital presence on campuses are driving a seismic shift in the demands on IT and network infrastructure in the education sector. The need for scalable and flexible connectivity, with data integrity and independence from the public network, must be delivered at the same time as reducing the cost and complexity of multi-layered networks.

Typical use cases:

A Private 4G or 5G network powered by Quortus opens up the opportunity for colleges and universities to tailor their networks to meet the specific needs of their faculties and student bodies. A single private cellular network will cost-effectively cover an entire campus with an independent and secure wireless infrastructure, guaranteeing secure, robust and reliable connectivity to multiple devices and applications with diverse needs.

Range of Devices:

  • Interactive, connected learning resources
  • Campus CCTV and security
  • Asset control
  • Scale-up of remote eLearning

Build your campus with Quortus and enjoy these benefits:

  • Fast deployment, single layer network with complete campus coverage
  • Programable performance characteristics
  • Independence from public networks
  • Continuity of service
  • Manageable and flexible network



ECX Core enables edge-based services, local voice, data offload, and flexible PBX integration.

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ECX Edge is Quortus’ 4G and 5G MEC-enabling software solution.

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Quortus long-term support partnerships with its customers is a commitment to mutual success, understanding their market challenges and aligning operational process requirements.

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