Enterprise: 4G P-LTE and 5G

Imagine your own mobile 4G or 5G network in your place of work, completely independent from the public mobile operators in your country.

All data is secure, managed like any other IT system and free from mobile operator tariffs.

Typical deployment scenarios include:

  • Airports: Asset tracking, airline staff private communication, plane to gate data transfers
  • SMEs: Local wireless coverage within a building, for voice calls, local data and IoT
  • Retail: Inventory tracking, mall security and management, point of sale terminals
  • Healthcare: Secure localised communication for staff, while sensitive records can remain on-premise
  • Oil & Gas: Localised wireless networks on rigs, exploration sites
This is Private 4G (P-LTE) from Quortus, and now with support for 5G field trials.

The award-winning Quortus technology allows an Enterprise to deploy, in a simple and straightforward manner, its own cellular mobile network and its own business applications.

The flexibility of the ECX Core solution allows for a wholly on-site deployment, or fully cloud based, or a mixture of the 2 models.

  • Support for VoLTE, SMS, IPv6 and MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing)
  • CBRS in USA
  • sXGP in Japan

MEC saves costs and improves quality of service.

  • Enables local low-latency data-offload to the Enterprise LAN
  • Avoids data being routed unnecessarily to a central location



ECX Core enables edge-based services, local voice, data offload, and flexible PBX integration.

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ECX Edge is Quortus’ 4G and 5G MEC-enabling software solution.

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ECX Gateway provides an ‘aggregator’ function between remote sites and is ideal for optimisation of interconnects with mobile network operators (MNO/MVNO)

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Quortus long-term support partnerships with its customers is a commitment to mutual success, understanding their market challenges and aligning operational process requirements.

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