The ‘smart factory’ concept, often referred to as Industry 4.0, introduces reliable, high-speed, low latency connectivity within the manufacturing environment.

A private 4G/5G network powered by Quortus within the factory space brings all the performance benefits and advantages of next generation cellular connectivity.

Typical use cases:

  • Higher performance wireless sensors
  • Faster warehousing and automated order fulfilment
  • Smart tool monitoring, ensuring consistency, quality and auditability on the production line

This communication infrastructure connects a wide range of devices:

  • Robot arms and sensors
  • Automated carts
  • Smart screwdrivers
  • Monitoring stations
  • Corporate datacentres
  • Management systems

Build an ‘Industry 4.0’ factory or warehouse with Quortus ECX Core and enjoy these benefits:

  • Long range, high capacity cellular networks – just like a public network
  • Secure and robust wireless networks
  • A private network under one’s own control
  • Complete independence from any operator
  • All corporate data stays on-premise and is highly secure
  • Ease of installation and management to appeal to IT managers
  • Single site or multi-site support which can grow with your business



ECX Core enables edge-based services, local voice, data offload, and flexible PBX integration.

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ECX Edge is Quortus’ 4G and 5G MEC-enabling software solution.

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ECX Gateway provides an ‘aggregator’ function between remote sites and is ideal for optimisation of interconnects with mobile network operators (MNO/MVNO)

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Quortus long-term support partnerships with its customers is a commitment to mutual success, understanding their market challenges and aligning operational process requirements.

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