ECX Access is a Managed Access System designed for private networks using 4G, 3G, 2G multi-technologies.

Designed to satisfy the needs of organisations and facilities that need to tightly control access to mobile services in a defined area, or where use of mobile services needs to be carefully managed on a per handset basis.

Unauthorised handsets can be redirected, blocked or diverted. Authorised handsets continue to work unaffected.

ECX Access can be deployed standalone or with traffic aggregation when multiple sites are deployed. Features include:

  • Whitelist and blacklist-based management
  • Authorised users seamlessly returned to the macro network
  • Logging IMSI & IMEI details are timestamped and recorded
  • Auto response Standard SMS reply to SMS messages from unauthorised handsets
  • External SIP interface for redirection to pre-recorded message on PBX
  • API control

ECX Access highlights:

  • Cellular Radios deployed to block access to surrounding macro networks
  • IMSI and IMEI aware API
  • External SIP interface
  • Data blocked to halt internet access for unauthorised users
  • Emergency Call Handling
  • SMS Handling for unauthorised users

ECX Access use cases:

  • Managed Access Systems
  • Control access to mobile devices within Embassies and government buildings
  • Maintain security within sensitive environments
  • Partner solutions can add location services for device retrieval

Case Studies

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