ECX Core is a highly scalable virtualised core for 4G and 5G Private Networks tailored for Enterprises and Industry.

ECX Core enables edge-based services, local voice, data offload, and flexible PBX integration.

The award-winning Quortus technology allows an Enterprise to deploy, in a simple and straightforward manner, its own cellular mobile network and its own business applications.

Providing local coverage and capacity for offices and businesses ECX Core offers an ideal solution for organisations across verticals such as maritime, mining, rural/remote facilities, oil & gas.

ECX Core offers a range of virtualised 4G and 5G Private Network solutions across collapsed and distributed software architectures with various resilience and security options.

The flexibility of the ECX Core solution allows for a wholly on-site deployment, or fully cloud based, or a mixture of the two models.

  • Support for VoLTE, SMS, IPv6 and MEC (Multi-access Edge Computing)
  • CBRS in USA
  • sXGP in Japan

ECX Core highlights:

  • Secure access to enterprise voice and data services from controlled mobile devices
  • Improved user experience with dedicated indoor capacity and tailored QoS
  • Efficient employee working methods; increased user satisfaction
  • More flexible device range than other internal communication systems

ECX Core use cases:

  • Internal communications for manufacturing and warehouses
  • Connecting M2M and SCADA devices to the local LAN infrastructure
  • Providing essential communications for Oil Rigs and remote mining
  • Connectivity for Hospital key workers, equipment tracking and patient care services
  • Lone-worker deployments utilising over-the-top services for alarms and positioning

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