ECX Edge is Quortus’ 4G and 5G MEC-enabling software solution.

Multi-access Edge Computing (MEC) is emerging as a significant game-changer for multi-site private 4G and 5G networks.

Moving intelligence to the network edge and siting core network functions where it makes most sense to enhance the economics and service levels of multi-sited private mobile networks.

ECX Edge makes MEC a reality and puts a cloud IT environment at the edge of the network to:

  • Enable a range of new connected applications
  • Enhance user experience
  • Ensure network resources can be flexibly and economically allocated
  • Define personalised services locally, where they are consumed

ECX Edge works in tandem with ECX Core networks to diminish local traffic needing to traverse the core, and instead can ‘break-out’ at each remote site. Features include:

  • Low Latency enhancing the quality of experience
  • Enables services which previously would have been impossible
  • Ability to offload traffic, thus densifying the network at the edge
  • Reduce loading in the core infrastructure
  • Create trusted, secure MEC environment at the network edge

ECX Edge highlights:

  • Local data breakout
  • Multiple breakout options
  • VoIP and VoLTE
  • DNS interception
  • Optimised for small form factor ARM variants / x86

ECX Edge use cases:

  • Hosted Core-in-cloud services
  • POS devices where product information is delivered from local cache
  • Delivering entertainment services cost effectively e.g. in-flight movies
  • Multi-site companies looking to keep intra-site transactions local and secure

Organisations can extend mobile access to its own local data with user control and enhanced security. Capacity and content delivery capabilities can be targeted where they are needed.

Case Studies

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