ECX Gateway provides an ‘aggregator’ function between remote sites and is ideal for optimisation of interconnects with mobile network operators (MNO/MVNO).

For a Private network provider, ECX Gateway enables a single interface / interconnect to 3rd party networks for control plane and user plane signalling, allowing multiple remote sites to be deployed without creating multiple interfaces to partner networks.

ECX Gateway highlights:

  • Saves money by optimising interconnects to MNO/MVNO
  • Improves Network Protection & Data Security
  • Efficient Inter-Network Roaming; improves configuration and management of roaming
  • Reduces Network Complexity
  • Single Global Title
  • Hides Network Topology; appears as a single instance of the network

ECX Gateway provides routing logic to enable dynamic decisions to direct signalling or user plane traffic accordingly. Separate logic can be applied to each protocol through routing policies, based on characteristics of the traffic.

Features include:

  • Multi-Technology; supporting 4G, 3G, 2G and 5G in the pipeline
  • Authentication
  • Location Updates
  • Voice, SMS, Data
  • Mobility

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