ECX Pack is a highly scalable field-deployable Private LTE (4G) and 5G software solution.

Perfect for public safety or in-theatre installations, be they static or mobile.

Also designed for use in high-mobility scenarios, such as public safety vehicles or field-deployable situations, and optimized for:

  • Small form factor ARM appliances
  • COTS x86 hardware for larger systems
  • Embedding onto 4G partner radios

A typical application would be in creating a ‘Network-on-a-chip’, in space and power-constrained environments such as:

  • Emergency or Front-line vehicles
  • Drones
  • Personnel backpacks

ECX Pack comprises a feature-rich EPC, with the following features demanded by the critical communications sector:

  • High-mobility, high quality of service
  • Broadcast/Multicast
  • VoLTE
  • LAN Subnet Extension
  • Central Subscriber Database

ECX Pack highlights:

  • Optimized footprint embedded directly onto radios or low power appliances
  • Aimed at high-mobility scenarios: Vehicles, drones, backpacks
  • Rapid start-up
  • Flexible deployment architectures

ECX Pack use cases:

  • Front-line public safety and military communications
  • Standalone in-field 4G network, providing local voice & data access
  • Border patrols, convoys, maritime
  • Consistent secure communications across multiple vehicles
  • Humanitarian aid sites, with satellite optimization
  • Vehicle deployments providing bubbles of coverage to displaced troops

Case Studies

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